3,4-CFP; kleferein liquid

Over the last 100 years lots of euphoric substances have appeared on the market. They can be snorted, swallowed, used per anum, put under foreskin, injected into veins. But none of them could be smoked or vaporized. I am talking about real euphoria caused by serotonin, not dopamine. After years of research German scientists developed a formula that made it possible to get taste of liquid euphoria. It is liquid kleferein. The formula has been developed for 8 years and all its parameters were chosen in order to have maximum control over experience, to have effects not last for too long and, above all, to give pleasure.

┬áThe substance starts working after a few doses and works almost immediately. Pure liquid has an unpleasant taste and smell, a bit throat scrapping. Euphoria and a slight dizziness appear quickly. If it’s your first time, it might be good to sit or lie down for a moment after inhaling first dose. The substance used this way is so relaxing it may cause temporary walking difficulties The intensity of experience can be easily controlled by number of doses from e-cigarette. Effects last about 30 minutes.It’s a new experience, of new quality that has never been seen in the research chemicals market.